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Business Challange

Increasing support cost including multiple facilities and wide range of server, over burdening organizations with rising energy bills & floor space requirements. To slice down the TCO, the organizations are moving towards high efficient datacenters which optimizes its resources in a better way complying with standardized processes and supple technologies. Otherwise incompetent & bulky IT platforms will slow down organizational change and become a blockade to revenue growth.

Vayam Info Solutions

Vayam Info Solutions’s design & transformation solutions enable organizations to establish a flexible and scalable infrastructure without compromising on cost benefits.

Our datacenter expertise constitutes


People manage their communications across many devices and applications, which can have a negative impact on productivity. Simplification and integration of all forms of communication to optimize business processes is the need of the hour and Unified Communication successfully delivery handy solution for all communication requirements


Vayam Info Solutions’s transformation practices will not only reduce the risk of migrating to new datacenter technologies but also within negligible downtime for the complete operation. With our strong foothold in

  • Datacenter Virtualization
  • Relocation
  • Consolidation projects
  • Platform Migration

And while doing the above we completely ensure that the implications of change do not impact system reliability, performance or integrity

Key Benefits

Vayam Info Solutions’s solutions will enable your organization to remove cost, complexity and barriers to change. This will result in

Cost savings

Our services will optimize your organization’s utilization of IT assets, resources and space as well as decrease support costs. This will maximize your return on investment from existing IT infrastructure and minimize future capital expenditure

Business agility

By taking advantage of new datacenter technologies such as virtualization, your organization will have rapid access to new server resources without the need for investment in new hardware. This agility is vital for responding to business change.

Reduced environmental impact

An optimized datacenter infrastructure will reduce power and cooling requirements and therefore your organization’s carbon footprint and energy bills.

Risk avoidance

Within an optimized datacenter environment data can be protected better, which is key for maintaining regulatory compliance and your organization’s reputation.

Business Requirement

In today's fast paced marketplace the ability to effectively plan, communicate, implement and share within a business is critical. The more dispersed a technology is, the more difficult it is to collaborate and maintain control over the critical components required to deliver positive results.

Vayam Info Solutions Offerings

Vayam Info Solutions Collaboration Solutions enable enterprises to cultivate a vibrant, real-time environment in order to share ideas and information in the pursuit of common goals. Some of the majorly used and key offerings in collaboration service offerings are:

Key Benefits

Vayam Info Solutions’s feature-rich solution tools are packed with collaboration, communication, and management capabilities into one single integrated environment It will help the companies with: Securely collaborate to improve system performance Increase customer satisfaction by addressing different problems with one solution Maximize business ROI by integrating multiple solutions, hence reducing cost

Trades and Stocks

Business Intelligence is intended to support quick & right business decision-making. The information provided can be achieved by combining multidimensional data analysis and data mining with advanced statistical and analytical functions in a real-time, integrated environment. We can also says that pulling out data from different sources all together, placing them in a collaborative manner and building business mapping over the pyramid to get prolific information out of it. These information reports are then required by the business owners for making complex decision.

BI is been treated as a software which is not true since it is more of a solution which can be mapped to any business with respect to the organizational data associated with it. The data is gathered from CRM, ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.), Excel sheets, text files, legacy systems and data warehouses throughout the ETL process etc., proceeded according to company's needs and can be presented in a way understandable by business people.

Business Intelligence

Vayam Info Solutions’s helps in implementing comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solutions from its partner’s – The global leaders in business intelligence solutions which enables organizations making smarter decisions from everyone at every level of business, whether inside or outside one’s organization.

The BI solutions can help you deliver easy decision making through vast quantities of data quickly, thoroughly and with razor-sharp analytical accuracy for concurrent insight. The customized solutions are based on the customer’s needs which are quantifiable for the business owners and help them taking right step towards organizational growth in today’s swift business environment.

Benefits of BI

  • Quicker, fact-based decision making
  • Simplified reporting helps in understanding complex information in user friendly manner.
  • Combination of multiple data sources put together, resulting increase in efficiency.
  • Faster collection and dissemination of information
  • Solutions are mapped as per user requirement
  • Faster collection and dissemination of information